Tony brings deep expertise. He navigates complicated farming systems as well as increasingly complex regulatory and utility environments. He does it all in an extremely professional manner.

Julia Violich, CFO Violich Farms • Chico, California

California farmers are in a unique and advantageous position in today’s energy economy. AgEnergy Systems provides modern energy management (MEM™) consulting to farmers. From energy audits to incentives and rebates, to project and construction management, AgEnergy makes it easy to improve infrastructure and save money long term.

Dozens of incentive and rebate programs are available specifically to farmers, including federal and state grants, low/zero interest loans, cash incentives and cash rebates.

Most farmers lack the time and/or manpower to take full advantage of these programs. That’s where AgEnergy comes in. We have the experience and track record to help you succeed. We work with the agency personnel and process the paperwork. Building more efficient infrastructure and systems means farmers save money. Getting someone else to help pay for the improvements is just plain smart.

AgEnergy Systems, helping farmers save money & reduce carbon footprint.


  1. Solar Systems. ROI as quick as 36 months. Literally millions of dollars in savings over the life of the system (30-50 years).
  2. DR (Demand Response) and ADR (Automated Demand Response) Programs. Offer you cash payments for simply turning of loads like pumps, fans, refrigerators, etc.
  3. Pump and Irrigation System “real-time” data in your office. Build a 21st century operation with “real time” visibility into operating conditions.
  4. Cash Rebates for replacing diesel equipment. Some projects can see 85% project cost paid by others. New equipment is far more efficient that older equipment leading to lower operating costs. Another win-win.
  5. Cash Rebates for irrigation system improvements
  6. Cash Rebates for energy efficiency improvements (lighting, pumps, fans, refrigeration, insulation, etc.)
  7. USDA Grants for energy efficiency & energy production. Up to $250K available per project.